Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I have a friend who regularly hunts deer and last week, I helped him joint his latest bag.
In return I was rewarded with a months supply of meat. A great trade I think.

From the selection of cuts, I chose 'haunch' for this weekends Bar-B-Q, the first of many.

Venison is a particularly lean meat, especially this time of year, coming out
of the winter and can easily dry up if cooked too long.

A little preparation before the cooking - I had decided to bone and roll the haunch

To help baste the meat and keep the moisture in, I wrapped some beef fat
from the local butcher, around the joint.

And then on to the barbie for an hour....ish!
We have a converted oil drum and use wood not charcoal mainly because I
have an endless supply of it but I also like the way it cooks and the smokey flavour it adds.

Use a meat thermometer with large joints.
Core temperature should be between 50-55 degrees for red meat.

Beautifully succulent with just an ever so slight game taste.

With the juices from the meat, I made a red wine and cranberry jus
and served with a fig and cashew nut cous-cous, mixed leaves and green beans. 

Perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon


  1. Hello there, so nice to find a man whose interest in food goes beyond the mere scoffing! I seem to understand that you've just recently started your blog. Well, you've definetily done it in top gear! Keep up the good work, I shall keep an eye out for more of these splendid recipes.

    1. Thanks Alex for your kind words and for taking the time to comment! Started the blog in January, so not long but it's great fun and enjoying talking to all the like-minded foodies out there :)


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