Friday, 23 March 2012


Dessert for Mothers day lunch last weekend was courtesy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a pear pudding cake but instead of serving with the usual  cream or ice-cream, I decided to make a baked custard. 
A favourite of my dad's and something I hadn't made in a long time.

Dead easy to cook and not too heavy which is just what we needed
after the roast hogget lunch.

For the baked custard

6 free range egg yokes
75g caster sugar
800ml double cream (eek! How much?! Still, it was Mothers day)
2 tspn vanilla extract


Separate the egg yokes from the white into a mixing bowl.
Mix in the sugar and vanilla extract.
Warm the cream to just below a simmer and gradually whisk into the egg mix
Pour into a warm baking dish and then place into the oven in a bain marie.
Bake for 30 mins at 160 degrees or until it has a jelly like wobble to it.

 I didn't but you could add a crunch to the baked custard by giving it a brulee top
Serve it on its own or with a pudding of your choice as we did. 

Use apples or peaches in the pudding cake as an alternative if your not a fan of pears


  1. Wow! That baked custard looks delicious. What a great alternative to the pouring version that normally get served with cakes :)

  2. Hi sorry i somehow missed your post.
    We love baked custard in our house, hot or cold. Great with stewed fruits or just on its own.
    Thanks for looking at the blog.


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