Sunday, 4 March 2012


The rain stopped us getting out in the garden as planned today so instead we decided on a trip over to Chilford Hall to the (undercover!) Feast East food and drink festival - three halls full of wonderful produce from the East of England. Well, mostly from the east - there seem to be a fair few stalls from further afield and even one or two European stands. Still, it was nicely set out and all complimented each other.

First stop was the butchery demonstration where Andrew Northrop expertly worked through a side of a Dingley Dell pig whilst explaining the cuts and suggested cooking methods - very informative indeed.

Next up, a refreshment break care of La Hogue Farm - a delicious free range hog roast roll with all the trimmings! There was a continuous queue of folk most of the day so I doubt they had any left by closing time.

Olives and garlic from the Mediterranean Deli (and a rather large cream cake from the continental bakery!)

A bacon wrap, goats cheese pastry, a lemon tart and a couple of chocolate brownies from Chef Thierry Daugeron who incidentally runs Stamford Cookery School

A round of incredibly creamy cheese from Worthy Chedder. 

Watergull Orchards Apple Juice and a bottle of Raspberry Vinegar from Made in Provence

All in all, a nice show with a wide selection of stalls and good quality produce, most of which were offering tasters.  Possibly a few too many chutney and oil suppliers and I was a little surprised not see the fresh pork on sale considering the demo but that's just if I was being picky. 

In general, very happy with my bag of goodies and highly recommend a visit next year.

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