Sunday, 25 March 2012


Another cracking day in the garden and how productive we've all been!
First job of the day was to fix the bean frame that was flattened by a tree that
 came down on the veg patch last winter

Will rides the sit on mower, for the first cut of the year - it only seems like yesterday since.... and Will in 2000 - how things change.

Courgettes get a watering - hope we have some rain soon!

We have a few large pots and containers near the house that we plant extra produce in.
This large tin carrier has holes drilled in the bottom and is half filled with stones and rubble for drainage.
It works well for lettuce, radishes or spring onions.

A friend gave us a few strawberry plants last summer which we planted and were amazed how quickly we got fruit and how much.  The plants have multiplied and we've now transferred some to pots.

And please to see that our young gooseberry bush has survived the winter

A little sunshine and our herbs are coming to life, how Ive missed you! 

Seeds sewn today included carrots, turnips, cabbage, spring onion,
lettuce, chard and purple sprouting broccoli

Our landing window sill is perfect for growing plug plants through spring -
more successful than the propagator we used to have.

Here we have dwarf beans, climbing beans, courgettes, cabbages and carrots.
That's our fig plant in the middle that we started growing last year.
We brought it in for the winter and it will go back out just as soon as the last frost has been and gone.
Our patio area is south facing and gets the sun all day, so the fig tree should flourish.

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