Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We all love Sundays  and no matter what the plans are, roast dinner is almost always on the menu. 
This good old English classic is the ultimate in our house and plates are piled high. 
 Everyone pitches in preparing veg, making Yorkshire's, sauces and stuffing's and tending the meat! 

This weekend it was an organic, free range loin of pork.

Moist and tasty with the perfect crackling top which can only be found in good quality meat.
Buy from your local butcher or farm shop as most supermarket meat is mass produced, dry, course and flavourless. Pay a little more and enjoy more knowing you supported free range farming and happier pigs.  

                    A lovely selection of local veg including leek gratin

My legendary yorkys - not an Aunt Bessys in sight, thankfully.

The Sunday roast in many houses, is the one meal of the week when everyone comes together and spends some well needed family time.  

Its also the one meal of the week that we are truly justified to way over indulge on and spend the rest of the day motionless on the sofa! Happy days :)


  1. Hi
    Sorry missed your post.

    The taste was stunning as well, something you only get with proper outdoor reared pork.


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