Sunday, 1 April 2012


Many of you will have seen my previous post on venison, a roast haunch for Sunday lunch on the BBQ.  Well, as is usually the case with a roast dinner, there was plenty left over which we ate throughout the week - and it was just as good cold.

Apart from cutting a slither off every time I opened the fridge, we've had a lunch of
stuffed venison pitta breads and a meal of cold venison with char grilled Mediterranean veg.

Toast and split the pitta bread
 Stuff with the cold sliced venison, red pepper, spring onion, tomato and goats cheese

And drizzle over some sweet chilli sauce for an extra something
This one is locally handmade from Gulls Cottage, Dedham, bought from our local deli.

Warm and crunchy with a spicy hot kick!
Use any other cold meat or remove altogether for a vegetarian option

For the venison with charcoal grilled Mediterranean veg.....
Grill three peppers on all sides until the skin has charred and is bubbling away from the flesh. 
Put into a plastic bag for 5 minutes to allow to sweat.   
Remove from the bag, peel off the skin, de-seed and thinly slice. Put to the side.
Steam a handful of green beans and put to the side.

Slice one courgette and four mushrooms and toss in a desert spoon
of olive oil with six whole trimmed spring onions.
Char grill in a griddle pan, placing just a few slices in at a time and cooking on both sides.
No oil required.
Press them down as they cook to get an even colour.  

In a separate bowl add a desert spoon of chopped chives and one of chopped lovage.
(two chives if you don't have the lovage)
Add eight finely chopped black olives and a teaspoon of finely chopped capers
and then mix in one teaspoon of dijon mustard and a tablespoon of raspberry vinegar
or good red wine vinegar.

Throw in the char grilled vegetables, sliced peppers and green beans and toss together.

Serve with slices of cold venison and cous cous

 So, all in all its fed the family well for the last week and it didn't cost a bean!


  1. never a problem figuring out what to do with leftover roast meat ;) but love the ideas you've shared beyond tossing them in a salad or sandwich. esp love the pita bread wrap with sweet chilli sauce, nomm.

    1. Hi Shu Han
      I love cold meats and thinking of new ways of using them.

      Thanks for looking :)


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