Saturday, 17 March 2012


Mealtimes over the past few weeks have been quite a challenge, particularly lunches as Marie, my wife, is avoiding potato's and bread.  I hadn't realised how much we rely on these day to day but we've managed to find some tasty alternatives and have been enjoying various salad, bean and polenta dishes. 
Here's just a few...

Avocado and bacon salad which literally takes 5 minutes to make
and is surprisingly filling.

Mixed leaves, spinach and sliced avocado topped with pan fried bacon and chorizo
and a free range poached egg

I have never made polenta before and was unsure what to do with it.  Having trawled all my cookery books, I eventually found this recipe on line from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Hugh's polenta fingers (olive oil, chilli, garlic & rosemary) with garlic & tomato sauce
and a fresh green salad.
Recommend you try this!

Sausages with lentils, cream,wilted spinach and roasted tomato's
Utterly delicious!

Swede, carrot and parsnip rosti topped with thick shredded ham and 
a poached free range egg or two! 

There's no shortage of eggs in our house, as you know, so they do turn up in many
of my dishes at the moment.

Fortunately the salad and beans counteract the eggs, if you know what I mean.


  1. Nothing wrong with a nice simple salad - yours looks delicious!

    BTW, what is your secret of making good polenta? I have never succeeded. I always seem to end up with something sloppy that looks as if it is something that has disagreed with my cat!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! But once it's been chilled in the fridge and fried, it's much improved :)

  2. I linked over from dom's. Sheesh that food looks amazing. The polenta fingers, and just that poached egg and crispy bacon and avocado and spinach salad, i know you said it's simple but you cant go wrong with simple but good combinations. great blog btw, can't believe you have a post almost everyday! My dad can't do anything more than slice fruits for dessert. Literally. And make tea.

  3. Hi Shu Han
    Simple is best i always say. thanks for your kind words.


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