Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Believe me. Once you've made your own scotch eggs, you'll never buy a shop bought one again.  I guarantee!

     4 (free range) eggs
     1kg pork sausage meat (or 10 sausages as I did)
     3tsp mayonnaise
     Grating of Parmesan

     4 slices of stale bread (crumbed)
     2 eggs (whisked)
     15-20 portions

Start by browning off the bread crumbs ready for coating the scotch eggs. 

Soft boil 4 eggs but so they are still a little gooey in the middle, 4-5mins should do it.  Once boiled put them straight into cold water changing a couple of times to get the eggs nice and cold (this stops the york going dark around the edges)
De-shell the eggs and chop up mixing in the mayonnaise and grated Parmesan.

Split the sausage meat into portions roughly the size of half a sausage.  Take one and flatten it out making sure there are no holes or tears and then dollop a tsp of the chopped egg into the middle.

Carefully pinch the edges of the sausage meat together and gently shape into a ball without squashing out the egg.  Do the same to all.  You should end up with between 15 and 20.

Heat up some oil in a pan.  You can either shallow or deep fry these. Take the first scotch egg and
roll it in to the flour, dip in the whisked egg, roll in the breadcrumbs and then pop into the hot oil.

Fry off all the scotch eggs, placing into a preheated oven at 160 degrees as they are done.

Cook until golden on the outside, turning regularly

Cook for 10-15 minutes or until the sausage meat is cooked through.
Break one open to test if you are unsure.

Best eaten still warm - Enjoy!


  1. Hi there. I found your blog via Dom's at Belleau Kitchen. I love Scotch eggs. I've been wanting to make them at home for so long. I must do it soon.
    Yours looks great! yum..

  2. Thanks for your comment Michael. Love scotch eggs too, they make a great snack. Hope you enjoy making them.

  3. I have never ventured into Scotch Egg territory, as I believed they have to be deep fat fried - and although I've got a deep fat fryer, it is hugely uneconomical to use because of the amount of oil that is required to fill one. However, I absolutely love your method of shallow frying, then finishing in the oven! Now why didn't I think of that? LOL

  4. Hi Jenny
    I haven't got a deep fat fryer so this is the only method i have, but it works a treat.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    Sorry for the late reply

  5. Hi
    Could salad cream be used as an alternative to mayo? Or anything else?
    Also have you ever tried freezing scotch eggs? We have a surplus of eggs from our chickens at the moment so would like to have a go at making, but as the only one that eats them I need to either freeze spare ones or give them away!

    1. Hi Sam
      I'm not a fan of salad cream, but give it a go, it will probably freeze better than the mayo.
      I havent frozen any before as the dont last 5 mins in our house in fact they are eat still warm, but there's no reason why not.

    2. Thank you. I tried this for my traditional Christmas Eve buffet. It went down really well. Next time I may add a little mixed spice with a dash of paprika to give the sausage meat a twist.


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