Thursday, 5 April 2012


Last summer, our family holiday was a fortnight in Greece.  Lots of memorable foodie moments,
one of which was the delicious 'Gyros' street food.

 Traditionally made with pork but I made mine with beef skirt - as I said, Gyros, of a sorts.
Pretty darn good, if say so myself.

If you fancy a try, this is how 
I marinated 1.5Ib of beef skirt in finely chopped clove of garlic and a table spoon
of red wine vinegar and left for an hour.

 Meanwhile, I made up a few pizza bases in the bread maker 
but you could just buy some round pittas.

And made a kind of guacamole dip by mashing four cloves of chopped pickled garlic
with one avocado and a simple onion and Greek yogurt dip.

Char grill the beef skirt in a griddle pan for 3-4 minutes each side depending on
how rare you like your meat. 
Remove from the pan onto a chopping board and thinly slice.

Load up with the dips, a few leaves of rocket, sliced tomato and cucumber and
top with the beef skirt and a handful of chips - homemade or from the local chippy!


  1. Just came back from greece and am already reminded of it! must say yours look much more deluxe, i don't remember having mashed avocado in mine nor rocket!

    1. hello Shu Han,
      We loved these when we were in Greece too, your right though not usually found with Avacado, Rocket, or steak for that matter but i had some so it went in.
      It worked a treat!

  2. Simple onion end greek yogurt dip - is it literally sliced onions in yogurt? as going to try this as looks wonderful


    1. Hi Pat,
      Traditionally, you would use tzatziki (cucumber, lemon, garlic, mint or dill, mixed with Greek yoghurt) but I didn't have the ingredients in so yes I literally sliced onions and mixed with yoghurt.
      Hope you enjoy :)


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