Sunday, 3 March 2013


If you like a good hearty meal then this venison suet pudding is for you!
A tasty alternative to Sunday roast on a chilly afternoon. 
1kg of Venison
1 large Onion
3 anchovy fillets
Fresh chopped herbs (I used lovage and rosemary)
1 tablespoon of plain flour
1 can of Guinness (or any beer)
salt & pepper
Suet pudding
200g of self raising flour
100g of suet
water to bind together

Cut up the venison into large chunks removing any sinew and put into a large mixing bowl.
Slice the onion into thin pieces and add to the venison.
Finely chop the herbs and anchovy's and add to the venison
along with the plain flour.
Mix with your hands crushing and squeezing to fully combine.
For the suet pudding, mix the ingredients together in a bowl and add enough water to bind together
Divide the suet pastry in two allowing 1/3 for the lid and 2/3 for the bottom.
Roll out the bottom and line the pudding bowl with enough of a overhang to fold over the lid later.
Fill lined pudding basin with the venison and pour in enough Guinness to just cover the meat.
Roll out the suet lid, big enough to cover the top and place over the meat.
Fold the suet base overhang over the lid using a little water to help stick down and seal. 

Cover with some grease-proof paper and secure with string.
Leave enough length in the string to make a handle.
Place into a steamer and steam for 4 hours.
After 4 hours

Turn out on to a serving plate and take to the table.

Serve with carrots, curly kale, mash potato and dollop of dijon mustard

And a glass of Guinness - optional :)




  1. Oh, drool. Would it be completely wrong of me to wish for winter to arrive (I live in NZ) just so I can make this?

    1. Hi Suzanne

      Something to look forward to.

  2. Looks so good and perfect this week for British Pie Week!


    1. Perhaps it should be called Pie and Pudding week


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